Phoenix Personal Coaching & Mediation
Got a moment? Too busy?... Spend more time with friends and family and manage your job as well



“I felt so stressed and out of control, but this simple, positive approach has put me back in the driving seat"

A lack of clear personal or life goals, compounded by crippling work schedules, is enough to knock anyone off course and make life stressful and unsatisfying. We help business or personal clients really focus on what’s important, and at the same time achieve the sense of balance that everyone craves.

We use interactive coaching techniques to help you to explore your goals and objectives, and our personalised approach means that the sessions are designed at a pace that suits you.

We agree clear and simple steps that address your need for change. These changes are then facilitated in person through ongoing coaching sessions to the point where you achieve your sense of balance. We even provide telephone support to keep you on track when you need a boost!

This is a personal course ideally suitable for individual participants.

Work-Life Balance