Phoenix Personal Coaching & Mediation
Life, meetings and e-mail keeping you from your job? … Get back in control of your objectives

“The coaching programme is delivered at a pace that suits my work style and current workload”

"I've now got the time that I need to review and manage key projects. I'm even working sensible hours again."

Our highly personalised approach to executive coaching is based on innovative and practical techniques. Regular visits throughout the coaching period support your efforts and cover course objectives at a pace to suit you.

We will work with you, either on an individual basis or with your team, and apply helpful techniques to your “live” work situation. This means that you will not only gain from learning new practical tips, but also benefit from the impact of your new approaches from the start. Our approach is different to many other similar courses because we tailor the course objectives to the goals that you establish with us, rather than imposing a “one size fits all” set of rules.


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Executive Coaching