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Conflict at work? - resolve it before it costs you time and money

Workplace conflict costs the UK economy £33 billion per year. Yet many companies still shy away from tackling this conflict through mediation, choosing instead the costly route of litigation where the outcome is focused on financial rewards.

Workplace mediation offers a very credible alternative; it is voluntary, informal and gets results. It helps those in conflict to begin talking together and to jointly agree how to work together better. By offering mediation employers are demonstrating that they have the welfare and happiness of their workforce at heart and are dedicated to maintaining a harmonious working environment.

It is almost inevitable where you have a collection of different people working towards different goals, with differing attitude that a certain amount of conflict will arise. Research shows that the benefits of mediation far out weigh those of a tribunal where resolution is costly and does not always lead to a more peaceful working environment.

Workplace Mediation