Phoenix Personal Coaching & Mediation
If only we were all pulling in the same direction!… Work together and be a great team


“As a team, we produce results that no single team member could!”

This practical and highly interactive course is specifically designed for teams. We start off by interviewing each team member including the team leader. These interviews help us to establish, with the participation of each member, their views on the team. This rapidly builds into a picture of what is or is not working well in the group.

This is followed by a short seminar (2 – 3 hrs) which takes place in the workplace during which we use the interview outcomes to establish objectives and review the pre-course survey results focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of your team.

This foundation work enables us to agree how your team is going to succeed. We help to assess where specific individual support may be required, and as a team you will tackle underlying issues such as delegating, work tracking and priorities management.

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